Morgan Taylor Little Miss Nutcracker Collection

Happy 2018 Everyone! ✨ I know I’ve been a little quiet over Christmas, but we spent it up in Northern New Brunswick with my Mum & Dad & Granddad & I decided because it was Lil Bubs first Christmas I wanted to be in the moment completely, hence putting the blog aside for a little while to enjoy the moments! Now I’m back, & I have some gorgeous swatches of some gorgeous polishes (which are WAY overdue).

Yes, I know… normally I would wait until Sunday for all these swatches but that just means you’ve get double the swatches this week! But I wanted to get this Morgan Taylor Little Miss Nutcracker polishes up finally–yes, this collection is technically for the holidays but once you see these swatches you’ll realize they’re great shades for all through the year!

<These polishes were all gifted to me by Morgan Taylor as part of the Preen.Me#PreenMeVIP program>

Morgan Taylor — Just Tutu Much

Who doesn’t need a beautiful shimmery gold in their life? This is ONE coat of the metallic gold & it covers so well. There is a bit of silver shimmer scattered throughout. Also it STAMPS really, really well which means it’s going to be in regular rotation in my stash. Below is Just Tutu Much topped with one coat of Morgan Taylor’s Speciality Top Coat from this collection Silver in my Stocking.

Morgan Taylor — You Crack Me Up

Hello Green! 🌵 this is two coats of the glitter packed polish, but next time I would probably sponge it on for full glitterocity next time as I feel like there are a few bald spots. This green kind of reminds me of a lime so it’s not a shade I would normally wear but it would definitely be fun for St Patrick’s Day (with a little clover accent nail!) or Halloween (dripping green glitter slime nails… yes please!) Below is You Crack Me Up topped with one coat of Silver in My Stocking. Morgan Taylor — Don’t Toy With My Heart<<<<<<
eautiful red polish, I love you. Like really, really love you. Guys, I applied this red in one coat & it’s just so pretty. This metallic red has a beautiful pink & coppery shimmer that changes depending on the light you’re in. I love it. I want to wear it forever! & I pretty much lived in it over my Christmas holiday. & you can bet I’ll be pulling it out again for my Valentines Day designs. Below is one coat of Silver in my Stocking over Don’t Toy With My Heart. Morgan Taylor — Baby It’s Bold Outside <<<<<<
ou a sneak peak of this beautiful blue in my last post, but here it is in its full glory. & its such a good blue. This is two coats–the first coat can be a little scary because it’s definitely patchy, but as soon as you go in with the second one you get the loveliness you see above. & this shade could definitely work for Winter or Summer. Below is Baby It’s Bold Outside topped with Silver in my Stocking which really transforms it into a manicure fit for an ice queen. ❄️

Morgan Taylor — Dreaming of Gleaming Again we have a ONE COATER shade happening here. You also got a sneak peak of this Silver foil shade in my previous post & saw how well it can stamp. Wearing it on your nails is a little more tricky–you can see where I accidentally touched my base coat & this kind of polish showed all the flaws. Next time I’ll apply a thick top coat over my base to give a smoother base to apply this over to really show it off. Below is one coat of Silver in My Stocking over Dreaming of Gleaming. Morgan Taylor — Plum-thing Magical Obviously I saved my absolute favourite shade for last. This shimmery jewel toned purple is everything. This took two coats to apply & I love everything about it. It really feels like it’s glowing on your nails. I wish I could wear it everyday, honestly… if it didn’t get bored of my nails after a day haha. Below is one coat of Silver in my Stocking over Plum-thing Magical which really shows off everything about this fun silver topper! It’s a clear base with tiny silver micro glitters & larger silver shards of glitter. It’s a fun topper you can do lots of different designs with.

& that’s the Morgan Taylor Little Miss Nutcracker collection! This collection is a great holiday collection, but like any good collection, translates well into other seasons. I’ll definitely be using a few of these shades a lot in the future, especially Dreaming of Gleaming (silver) & Just Tutu Much (gold) for stamping.

Which shade was your favourite? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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