An evolution of (my own) nail art.

I’m still working on getting some new nail art to post–I’ve been feeling both exhausted, and uninspired lately. I’m still painting my nails just I haven’t come up with anything I truly love in a little while. So while I’m trying to create something fabulous, I thought it would be fun to post an evolution of my nail art. Honestly, I’m posting this mostly for myself. I’m extremely proud of how my skills have improved in just a few short years. =)

And I’ll apologize in advance for the poor quality pictures. They’ve improved (somewhat) over the years too. 😉


first picture I could find of me taking pictures of my nails circa 2010: the accent nail. I remember checking out nail art blogs and thinking “that’s SUCH a cool idea.”
Ombre nails circa 2011.


Accent nail again. Wow… the lack of clean up. =/


My Glee Live 3D nails (and my first real nail art.) I remember being so excited I did these. And I did them with a tooth pick (it was a looooong process).
Neon stripes.


Crackle. Oh I was so obsessed with crackle.


Neon stripes take 2.
My first tape manicure. =)
My very first floral manicure. I was so excited when I got my first dotting tool because FLOWERS. =)
Inspired by The Flash.
More flowers.
Leopard print x2.
My first “tribal” nail art… did the entire thing using my dotting tool (as I didn’t have nail art brushes)…. it was very time consuming but I loved it so much. =)

After these… I feel like I got better at taking pictures, and my nail art….. I’ve got a couple others pictures to share of my more recent nails…


My first rose manicure.
Random dots.
My first attempt at a ruffian… not the best.
Color blocking.
Stripes and Dots.
My Valentine’s Day nails.


I feel really proud looking through these pictures, and seeing how I’ve grown–a steadier hand, and a little more creative. Also my nails as a whole are so much healthier and getting to a length that I love. I can’t only imagine what my nail art will look like in a year!


How do you feel about your own nail art? Do you feel like it’s gotten better over the years?


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go get inspired and do something fun on my nails. =)

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