Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate Moss — Reggae Splash

Remember how I said I really love orange nail polish?

I present to you Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish in Reggae Splash.


This super soft peach polish is from their Kate Moss collection (or, so the internet tells me). I picked it up at my local Shoppers Drug Mart on a whim while on the look to fill my stash with more Summer-worthy colors. According to the description, it has a gel-like finish, with no top coat needed, and is resistant to chips for up to ten days.


Like I said, the polish is what I could call a soft peach. I could see myself wearing it in place of a nude polish. The brush on the Rimmel polish is wider, which makes application easier (you can get a whole nail in almost one swipe) but I found the polish did take a couple coats for opacity. AND while the formula was pretty easy to work with, I did end up with a couple spots that were not as covered as others. It didn’t bother me too much because I was using it as the base for a gradient, but if I was wearing it on it’s own I might have to try waiting a little longer between coats. The polish does dry quite quickly though, which makes me happy. There is nothing worse then painting your nails, and then brushing them and having to start all over!

Also, even though it said no top coat needed to be added, I can’t NOT wear top coat, so I did add a layer of Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Top coat. It helped the polish dry EVEN faster–it was completely dry within 15 minutes. I could even go through my purse looking for my cellphone without ruining them.


This is such a pretty color, and I definitely think I will be wearing it a lot this Summer. I can see it being a go-to pedicure color. And I’m excited to test out the durability of it–I can NEVER keep nail polish on for more than 3 days (if that) but I don’t change my pedicure nearly as much. I will also have to check out the other Rimmel Salon Pro nail colors now that I’ve tested the waters.

I mean, any excuse for new nail polish. =)

What do you think of this color? Do you think it’s a good go-to polish for Spring/Summer?


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