FASHION FRIDAY — Headband Obsessed (A mini haul)

Hello lovelies! Hope everyone is having a lovely start to their Friday. This week’s Fashion Friday post is dedicated to my current favourite accessory — the headband. More specifically, the slightly padded & knitted headband that I’ve seen all over Instagram & Pinterest.

Here’s the thing — I LOVE headbands. I’ve always loved headbands. I have a whole drawer full of floral headbands I collected a few years back. & I’ve really been wanting to jump on this knotted headband trend for a while, but getting out to shop has kind of been a struggle the last few months. So I thought, now that I’m gearing up to return to work at the end of the month, it would be fun to get myself some new headbands. Plus with my new hair cut, I’ve been much more excited to actually DO things with my hair.

Cue a mini haul of headbands!

We were out at the mall, getting some exercise, & I popped into Claire’s already planning on checking out the hair accessory wall. So naturally when I saw all the options for headbands, I knew I couldn’t just buy one! I actually ended up walking out with 4 headbands: baby pink, dove grey, white & black. I wanted to go with colours I could match with a variety of my closet, so I could just grab one to pair with any of my outfits, regardless of the pattern or colours. & I think I managed to find a good selection for a base headband “wardrobe”.

Baby Pink


Dove Grey


Seriously, how cute are these headbands! I’m not going to lie–I don’t think I’ve been this excited about hair accessories in a very long time. I’m already starting to get things together for going back to worn, & seeing as I work in retail, my wardrobe is a big part of that! & I like that throwing one of these headbands on with my hair all wavy will be an easy way to look put together, when let’s be honest: I’m probably going to be a pretty big hot mess.

Are you a fan of the headband trend? Do you have a current favourite hair accessory? Let me know what you think down in the comments below!

2 Replies to “FASHION FRIDAY — Headband Obsessed (A mini haul)”

  1. I don’t often wear headbands – these ones are cute. Had to look twice for the black though against your dark hair 😉 You look great in the pink btw 😀

    1. Thanks! I like them because they don’t make me look 12 when I wear them! & yeah the black doesn’t really show up against my dark hair in pictures! Hopefully it does in real life! 😂

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