Blue Moon Manicure.

I love a good half moon manicure. It was one of the first nail art techniques I tried. So I do love to return to them when I’m in need of pretty nails. I just picked up Revlon’s Dreamer, which is a gorgeous baby blue, and thought it would be perfect for a little color blocking. I decided to go with something purple for a great contrast.


The polishes I used for this manicure were:

  • Revlon Dreamer — baby blue.
  • Essence Break Through — purple.
  • Essie Go to Go top coat.

I was actually hoping this would be a little brighter so I could use it for today’s entry for the OMD Challenge, but they turned out a little darker than I imagined in my head. Never the less, they turned out great and I love how they look. A simple manicure, but eye catching none the less.

halfmoon3 halfmoon2 halfmoon

Coral stripes & my first real striping tape manicure.

When I first read about the OMD Nail Art Challenge for this month I got excited. Even though my first attempt at the 30 Day Nail Art challenge kind of crashed and burned, I wanted another attempt at accomplishing a challenge. What I like about this challenge is you don’t have to do it every day. That makes it easier when I want to be able to do something other than the prompt.


Today’s prompt was Coral. As you have seen, I love coral. And I own a lot of coral nail polishes. I also really wanted to attempt something with the striping tape I received for my birthday last year. I’ve played around with it a little bit, but never accomplished a full manicure. So this was my first real attempt using it.


The polishes I used for this manicure were:

  • Sinful Colors Easy Going — creambase color.
  • Quo by ORLY Sugar Cookie — cream base color.
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Coral Reef — stripes.
  • Sinful Colors Island Coral — stripes.
  • Rimmel Salon Pro Reggae Splash — stripes.
  • Essie Go to Go Top Coat.

coralstripes2 coralstripes3 coralstripes4

For a first attempt with striping tape, I’m really happy with the outcome. The lines are definitely cleaner than when I freehand my lines, and I like that I could create thicker lines easier. Of course, it did take much longer to do my nails than it usually does, but that was mostly cutting and applying the tape, and then taking the time to pull it off. But I can definitely see myself using it again.

So what do you think of these coral stripes? I think it’s a great Summer manicure, even though I’m going to spend the majority of my day cleaning and organizing my closet and purging old clothing I never wear. Not the most glamorous way to spend my day off, but it is a great excuse to play dress up! =)

Happy Canada Day Nails.

Just a quick post today.

So here in Canada we’re celebrating our country’s birthday. In honor of that, I painted my nails for the occasion. I wanted to try and create some maple leaves, but I was short on time as we were heading out to the boyfriend’s brother’s house for pre-Canada Day drinks, so I went with polka dots.


ย polkadots


The polishes I used for these holiday nails were:

  • OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls
  • ACO by Ardene Strawberry Blush
  • Essie Go to Go top coat.

These were right the right amount of red and white for my Canada Day. =)

I look forward to starting on the OMD2 Nail Art Challenge tomorrow with Coral nails. =)

Outline Gradient Nails.

I’m kind of a little obsessed with gradients lately.

It’s only been the last little while that I’ve actually been able to get them right–after many fail nail manicures. After the gradients I did for my Bestie Twin Tropical Nails turned out so well, I really wanted to give a full gradient manicure another try.


The polishes I used for this manicure were:

  • OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls — white base color.
  • Sinful Colors Island Coral.
  • ACO by Ardene Forever Young.
  • LA Colors In A Flash.
  • Cherimoya Black.
  • Essie Go to Go Top Coat.

outlinegradient2 outlinegradient4


This manicure reminds me of something, but I can’t quite figure it out. I ended up creating a black outline around the nails as I didn’t quite get my sponging of the different colors to the ends of the nails, so there was some white edges. This seemed like the perfect solution for hiding that. =)

Pretty, purple, & polka dots.

Quick post on a quick bit of nail art.

I love purple. It’s one of my favorite colors, so I own quite a few polishes in the purple family. Today’s manicure puts to work a few of these polishes, in a cute combination. My co-worker and I decided for her last ever shift, we would do matching nails (again) and came up with this combination. This was my first time doing a freehand bow, and it turned out not too bad. I know what I would do differently next time.

purple purple2 purple3

Polishes used for this manicure were:

  • ACO by Ardene Forever Young — light purple.
  • Sinful Colors Easy Going — off white.
  • Essence Baby Baby Ooh — dark purple.
  • Essie Good To Go top coat.

I’m trying to inspire myself to do more nail art. I’ve been lacking a little in the idea department. I really need to get back to stalking pinterest to find some new ideas for fun Summer nails!