Favourite Winter Nail Care Products

If you’re a nail polish addict, then you probably know in order to keep your nails looking good (& picture ready!) you need to make sure you take extra care. Moisturizer & cuticle oil are a regular part of my daily routine, but when the months get colder I need to take extra extra extra care of my nails. So I thought it would be fun to show you an updated version of my winter nail care routine that I feel is really keeping my nails healthier & my cuticles looking great. I would definitely credit these items for the reason why this has been the best winter yet for me in terms of my nail & cuticle shape.

I’ve been using Vaseline Healthy Hand & Nail for years & years & it’s one of my favourite hand creams. I keep a bottle of it by my bed & a smaller bottle in my purse. This Winter, I’ve added Vaseline Intensive Care Dry Skin Repair which is a bit of a thicker lotion & leaves my hands feeling crazy soft. It provides extra moisturizing to combat to havoc the cold can wreck on my nails. I’ve definitely noticed a lot less hang nails or cracks near my cuticles since I started using it.

Regardless of what hand cream you like best, moisturizing your hands is vitally important. I literally have hand cream hidden in every room of our house, & about 6 in my bedside table alone. I make sure to apply it whenever I feel like my hands may be a little dry, as well as the important moments like after a shower (or any time I wash them) & before & after I go outside.


CUTICLE OILSimg_8230I never used to realize how important cuticle oil was for not only keeping your cuticles looking good, but for keeping your nails in general healthy. There are a ton of cuticle oils out there you can buy, both indie & mainstream. Right now, I have 3 main ones that I use obsessively: Revlon Essential Cuticle Oil, Bio Oil, & Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops (with almond oil).

I discovered the Revlon Essential cuticle oil at Shoppers on a whim, & after trying it was pleasantly surprised! It smells like almond/Amaretto (which, I love) & makes my cuticles feel so smooth & soft after I apply. & I apply it a lot–I literally will start as soon as I wake up & then keep applying through-out the day at home. I’ve also been using n extra thick cream (Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream) so that my cuticles keep moisturizing while I sleep.

 & the Express Dry Dropstechnically a cuticle oil but they do contain almond oil so I’ve also added them in. I used them after I remove my nail polish & the again after doing my nails. I don’t know how helping my nails dry faster, but the definitely make them look picture ready!

I also have recently added a Born Pretty Store cuticle oil pen to my travel bag, so I can keep up nails looking good on the go. & I really am that crazy person that will apply moisturizer & cuticle oil before walking into the grocery store.


GLASS NAIL FILEI’ve written before about the love I have for my Mont Bleu glass nail file, but I really feel like glass nail files make a HUGE difference in my nail care. They make it so much easier for filing my nails down & keep my tips from splitting, which I can be especially prone too during colder months. I tend to file my nails a little more often in the winter, because I find my nails get a little brittle during the cold months, & using a glass file keeps me from worrying I’ll split them or damage them.

NAIL MASKSThis is a product I’ve recently discovered & I think will make a huge difference in my nail care. I recently tried out these Strengthening Nail & Cuticle finger masks from 7th Heaven. I’d never tried it before & I was curious (plus I’m a sucker for a new beauty product!) After trying out the masks, I noticed a difference in my nails & they looked much more moisturized. I would definitely buy they again & I’m also going to try & come up with a DIY version to do weekly on my nails, which I will obviously post about once I do. Kiss Products also has come out with hand/nail masks which I plan on trying out too!

HEALTHY NAIL POLISHWhen you polish your nails as often as I do, sometimes you want to give your nails a break. When I feel like I’ve been punishing my nails, I like to wear one of my Breathable nail polishes from QUO because they contain good for your nail ingredients like argon oil & vitamins. My three favourite shades I tend to turn to are Down to Earth, Feeling FreeNourishing Nude. I’ll apply one of these shades for a day or two, & it just makes me feel like I’m giving my nails extra love. Plus with no need for base or top coat, I can get my nails done way quicker.


The last item I swear by in the Winter is a nourishing nail polish remover. If you paint your nails a lot then you know how drying nail polish remover is. & if you’re like me, & paint your nails almost daily then it can really dry out you nails bad.  I find using a nail polish remover designed to be moisturizing & nourishing really helps to not dry out your nails as much. I swear by the Quo by ORLY Nourishing nail polish remover & the Cutex Nourishing nail polish remover. I also add a little cuticle oil to my nail polish removers to add extra oils. I don’t know if it helps, but it makes me feel better.

So those are my current favourite winter nail care items! The items I use tend to change depending on the season, but these are definitely leaving my nails feeling healthy during this awful Winter!

How do you take care of your nails in the Winter? Let me know your thoughts below, & share any of your favourite products to keep your manicures looking great!

2 Replies to “Favourite Winter Nail Care Products”

  1. I agree Shannon, lotion oil treatments, they are all so important!! Wear your sexiest rubber gloves to clean the bathroom and do the does dishes!! It really helps💜

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