A peek into my stash.

I thought I would take another pause and show off to you guys I’m current (growing) stash. I’ve only been growing this stash for the last 2 years — I still have a huge stash in a box somewhere at my parent’s from when I moved a couple years ago, but no one knows where it is. I had to go out recently and pick up bigger storage drawers because the ones I had were just not working for me.


My five drawer system. None of my drawers have been filled up… yet.


Drawer #1: My base coats, and top coats. I seem to collect A LOT of base coats (just trying to find the best one for me.) Right now I’m using Nail Envy and Witchcraft hardener, along with Nutra Nail Growth formula (it’s not a base coat–you apply it to your nails and let it soak in.)


Drawer #2: My mini polishes and my nail art stripers.


Drawer #3: China Glaze, Maybelline, Color Institue, and Revlon and some other polishes thrown in there.


Drawer #4: We’ve got OPI, Nicole by OPI, Quo by Orly, Color Club, LA Girl, Essie, Icing, Sally Hansen, and some Joe Fresh Polishes.


Drawer #5: My ACO polishes (which, like I said, I have A LOT of), Essence, and Sinful Colors.

Because I basically had to start over I don’t really have a lot of polishes (I had around 200 before)… I counted, and my stash only clocks in at 262 total, which is less than I actually expected. I asked my boyfriend to guess and he guessed around 400, so I guess that just means I have room to buy more!

So how do you keep your polishes organized? By color, or brand, or both?




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