Fall Leaves nail art.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons–I love everything about it. Not too warm, not too cold. Plus the leaves changing color and falling brings me back to being a kid, and raking the leaves just to jump in them. A few weeks back, I did these fall leaves inspired nails in honor of my favorite season.



The polishes I used for this manicure were:

  • Zoya Piaf — Yellow base color.
  • Nicole by OPI Emerald Empowered — sponging.
  • Claire’s Poison Apple –sponging.
  • Revlon Spidey Sense — sponging.
  • ACO by Ardene Golden Luxury — sponging.
  • Essence Color and Go Mister Rusty — sponging.
  • LA Colors Art Deco Nail Art Striper — leaves outline and dots.
  • Essie Good to Go Top Coat.

I absolutely love the outcome of these nails. I think they perfectly speak Fall to me. I started these without a clear idea of what I was going to do, and they ended up looking beautiful. Don’t you just love when that happens?! =)




So what do you think of this fall leaves manicure?

Check out my next post–I’m going to have a fun Fall/Halloween manicure to share with you. =)

Gold Chevron Moons with OPI DS Extravagance.

This past weekend, the boyfriend took me away for a special birthday weekend away to Lunenberg. I decided a special romantic weekend away deserved special nails. For my birthday last week, the only thing I truly asked for was OPI DS Extravagance which is a purply pink polish with a scattered holo. I’ve been coveting this polish for quite a long time, so when my Mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday it was the only thing I asked for.



I started off by painting my nails with OPI DS Extravagance. There are a million awesome things I could say about this polish but I think pictures speak for themselves. After my base color had dried, I freehanded chevron moons with Quo by Orly Trashy Glam (which is quickly becoming one of my favorite gold polishes).  Finally, I outlined my chevron moons with my black LA Colors Art Deco Striper in Black to crisp up the lines then applied Essie Good to Go Top Coat to finish. And tada!


They were the perfect nails for my special birthday weekend away. =) I loved them so much–so much so I kept them on a full 3 days which is not something I often do with manicures.




So what do you think of these Chevron Moons? I’m so obsessed with them lately! I’m also really proud of how much cleaner my lines are starting to get. This time last year, I never could have freehanded lines that clean so I’m really proud of that fact. Practice really does make perfect.


What do you think of my Chevron Moons? What’s your current manicure obsession? I really need to get started on some Halloween inspired nails since Halloween is quickly approaching. =)

Have a great day lovelies!

Favorite Fall and Winter pretty nail essentials.



I never meant to take such a big break from blogging, but life kind of got in the way. While I still was painting my nails and posting to my Instagram, getting the energy to blog was another thing. However, I’m really going to take some time to get back into the swing of things again, and catch up on blogging.

Since the weather is now officially starting to feel much chiller, I thought I would share my Fall and Winter essentials. I don’t know about you but between the chilly days and working in retail my hands can get in rough shape. There for, I have a bevvy of products I used to just to keep ahead of rough looking cuticles and dry, dry skin.

Now, I’m sure everyone has there own routine and products that work for them. These are just the ones I use, and I like (at the moment). Things are always changing, and I’m always discovering new and awesome products that I fall in love with.


These are my on-the-go purse essentials:

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream, and Hand Cream.

I discovered Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream last winter, and it seriously saved my cuticles during a seriously harsh winter. Not only does it smell amazing, but it makes you cuticles feel amazing and keeps them soft. Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream is actually one of my favorite products for everything–I used it not just on my hands and cuticles, but as a lip balm as it infuses everything with a serious splash of moisture. It’s great and if you’ve never tried it, you must! And finally my last purse essential is hand cream. I usually carry at least two or three different hand creams on me at all times. Above is OPI Avojuice, which smells so good, and feels so good!




My at-home essentials:

Vaseline Healthy Hand and Nail, Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go, Witchcraft Cuticle Oil.

When it comes to my favorite at home products, I have a few I use nightly. Vaseline Healthy Hand and Nail is my all time favorite hand cream ever. (I also keep a small bottle of it in my purse as well, and a bottle at work). I’ve been using it for over a year, and I love how soft it leaves my hands. It’s also improved my nail health a lot in the time I’ve been using it. My nails definitely feel stronger. Next is my Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go which I purchased from my local Chatters after hearing good reviews online. It smells so good–I’m not sure exactly what the smell is, but it’s fruity and fresh and I love it. I apply it and my Witchcraft Cuticle Oil every night before bed, and I find I’ve had a lot less issues with hang nails or dry cuticles since I started using both together.



So these are just a couple of my favorites. I know everyone has there favorites, and I am always up for new product suggestions so if you have any that you adore, let me know! (I’ve been hearing good things about Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Cuticle & Nail Oil, so I think that is going to be one of my next purchases.)


Have a great day lovelies!

Fall floral.

First off, I apologize for being MIA the last week. Not only have I had an extremely hectic week at work, but I got struck down with the cold from hell. So while I’ve still been trying to paint my nails, I haven’t had the energy for blogging at all! I’m going to try and make up for that this week though!


I did this manicure I couple weeks ago, before fall officially hit but the weather was definitely Fall-like. I had pulled out my beloved Cashmere Bathrobe by Essie, and decided I wanted to do a pretty design with it. But what? I hadn’t done a floral in a while so I thought why not! Floral doesn’t just have to be for Spring/Summer 😉



The polishes I used for this manicure were:

  • Essie Cashmere Bathrobe.
  • OPI I Snow You Love Me.
  • Bourjois Paris 1965 Le Rouge fidele
  • Bourjois Paris 1938 Mais Oui!
  • Bourjois Paris 1913 Cendres de Roses
  • ACO by Ardene Green Peace
  • Sinful Colors Strapped.
  • Nutra Nail Quick Dry Top Coat.


These turned out so well, and I had so much fun wearing these that I kept them on for almost 3 days. Who says that floral can’t be worn for fall as well. 😉




China Glaze “Choo-Choo Choose You” and a comparison.



Today I have one of the polishes from China Glaze’s All Aboard collection, which they’ve released for fall. When I first saw swatches of all the polishes, I fell absolutely in love with all the gorgeous colors, so I knew that I needed to check these out. In stores, when looking at the bottles, my eyes were immediately drawn to the polish below.




China Glaze Choo-Choo Choose You in almost indescribable. But according to the press release China Glaze released for the collection, it is described as purple grey smokey shimmer. When I was checking out the polishes at my local Chatters, I wasn’t sure which one to get but my eyes kept coming back to this one. The polish was just so striking and gorgeous! And I had to have it.




Choo-Choo Choose You is definitely a one of a kind polish when it comes to my collection. The different flashes of color remind me of almost an oil slick on my nails (in a good way). I couldn’t really think of any other polish in my stash as beautiful as this polish, or similar. So naturally I had to go looking. =)

The only other polish I have in my stash similar to Choo-Choo Choose You is Essie For the Twill of It. Naturally, I had to swatch the two side by side to see how similar they were, and you can see below they’re not as similar as I originally thought. On my pointer and ring finger I have For the Twill of It, and on my middle and pinky I have Choo-Choo Choose You. For the Twill of It pulls much more blue/grey while you can really see the purple of Choo-Choo Chose You while the two are side by side. As well, you can seriously see the brush strokes in For the Twill of It which is in part to my own application, but still… Choo-Choo Choose You does not have the same issue. Actually, the application was absolute perfection.





Of the two, I definitely think I prefer Choo-Choo Choose You, but that could be because I’m a sucker for purple. And the polish itself is just so different from anything else in my stash. It makes me understand why it’s been a popular choice recently. It is an amazing color for fall and I am so, so glad I choo-choo chose it. (haha sorry).