Swatch Post: Layla Thermo Effect Polish N. 4



Today’s post is a polish I am so excited about. As I’ve mentioned before, I absolutely LOVE thermal effect polishes, ever since my days working at Claire’s when they released their Mood Changing Polishes. So when I saw a post about the new Layla Thermo Effect Nail polishes by Sparkled Beauty (who is a local Halifax beauty blogger) I knew I had to track down these polishes at Lawtons. Two stores later, I found the display of these beauties. Sadly, there were only a couple colors left. =( I went with No. 4 which is described as a Dark to Light pink.


When cold, the polish is a dark pink (almost light plum) color. It’s not a creme polish,  but rather scattered with an almost frosty shimmer. I was nervous at first when I saw this, as I know sometimes frosty polishes can leave brush strokes like crazy, but this one was pretty good at leveling out. I’m really digging the color of this polish while cool.


The polish mid-change (pointer and middle finger) and cold (ring and pinky finger). A lot of the time my nails would resemble my pointer and middle fingers here. Lighter pink down towards the cuticle, to darker purple towards the end of the nail. It’s like having a gradient on your nails, without any of the work!


And finally, the polish while hot (pointer and middle fingers). The change between the warm and cold is awesome! You can really see a difference between the two, which I like. The day I wore this polish it was raining, so every time I went outside and my nails were warm, I would have these cool drops of purple on my nails from where the cold rain had hit them. I like how easily this polish can change from temperature. (I wish I had gotten pictures!)

The application of this polish wasn’t too bad. The polish is sheer, but thick at the same time–it was actually kind of strange. It took three coats to reach full opacity, and took a bit of time to dry (even with Seche Vite as my top coat.) When dry though, it lasted well. I wore these through a full, busy, day of work and ended up with very minimal tip wear.

I’m quite impressed with Layla’s Thermal Effect Polish, and I’m thinking I will have to go back to Lawton’s and pick up some more colors (depending on what is left).

Jewel-toned fingers.

I am definitely in a bit of a nail art rut recently. I’m just hopeless with ideas right now… The other night I did my nails 5 times before giving up on doing anything pretty, and just going with a simple, but pretty, accent mani.


The polishes  I used for this (simple) manicure were:

  • Color Club Disco Dress.
  • China Glaze Skyscraper.
  • Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat.

I was surprised at how well Skyscraper and Disco Dress ended up going together. Both polishes were picked up on my mini haul this week of Fall toned colors. The scattered glitter in Skyscraper is absolutely fantastic. And I don’t think I own another purple in my stash anywhere close to Disco Dress. Truthfully, I bought it because of the name (I do that sometimes) but the color is just so rich. It’s amazing. I definitely will have to try a glitter gradient using these two polishes. They just go so well together.




Yep–I’m in a full fall mode now. And even better? Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is  being released early this year!

So what colors are you feeling the most for Fall? I haven’t made up my mind on what Fall polish collections I’ll need to splurge on, but I’m definitely feeling all the jewel tones (as you’ve probably noticed already).