Glam Nails Challenge August — Coconut 🥥

Hello lovelies & happy Wednesday! Hope everyone’s week is off to a lovely start, & not nearly as ungodly humid as it’s been in Halifax lately. Today we’re sharing another fruit inspired design for GlamNailsChallangeAugust.

Today’s prompt is coconut, which I’m going to be honest was a prompt I was super nervous about. Even browsing Pinterest was not super useful, as mostly what popped up with some kind of nail art stickers. But I did find this pretty coconut look originally done by @Nailstorming, & I thought it would be a fantastic look to give my own attempt to.

For this manicure, the polishes I used were:

  • Base Coat: Essie First Base
  • Top Coat: Essie Gel Setter
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Violet Voltage
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Get Mod
  • OPI How Great Is Your Dane?
  • Sally Hansen Good. Kind. Pure Almond Tan
  • Kosmic Colours Brown (no name)
  • OPI A Great Opera-tunity
  • OPI Just Can’t Cope-acabana
  • Cosmetics Arts Lime Green (no name)
  • Essie Off Tropic
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Beatnik
  • 7mm detail brush

I’m not going to lie, a lot of polishes went into trying to create this coconut. & I thought I used a lot of nail polishes when creating floral!

But, you know — it was to totally worth it because my coconut drink turned out awesome! It totally looks like something you can sit back & relax, drinking on some tropical beach. Or, what I picture someone would sit back & drink on a tropical beach, as the closest I’ve come to a tropical vacation is lounging in an inflatable kiddie pool in my backyard.

But you know what I mean.

What do you think about this coconut nail art look? It was fun going from a more abstract interpretation to a more literal one, even if I didn’t think I was going to be successful haha. Are you following along with #glamnailschallengeaug on Instagram? I hope you’re enjoying seeing all these looks as much as I’m enjoying doing them!

Then and Now: Multi-colored Leopard print.

Finally! Some nail art.

I’ve been feeling so uninspired with my nails lately. I will start something, get half way through, and then hate it and give up and have to start over. It’s so frustrating. =( I turned to my previous manicures for this one. One of the very first manicures I did when I got a dotting tool was a multi colored leopard print manicure. I remember being so proud of this, especially when I got a “Did you do those yourself?” Comment.


So I decided I wanted to recreate that manicure. (Although, I used different colors for this one haha.)


The polishes I used for this manicure were:

  • Sinful Colors Dream On — purple.
  • Sinful Colors Easy Going — off white.
  • Kozmic Colours — blue.
  • China Glaze Metro Pollen-tin — yellow.
  • Pure Ice Wild Thing — green.
  • Sinful Colors Island Coral — coral.
  • Cherimoya Black
  • Nutra Nail Speed Dry Top Coat.

three one

four five


Can I use say proud I am of how these turned out! I haven’t done a leopard print in quite a while, but after a lot of practice I’ve realized smaller spots look much better than bigger blobs. And I think these nails turned out perfectly. Also I tried to take a picture doing that awkward claw hand pose (how did I think that looked good?) but It was the most awkward position ever! Also check out the state of my nails! They look so much better now! Not just because my technique has improved, but they are just such a better shape!


So what do you think of these multi-colored leopard print nails?

Kozmic Colors and Margarita Madness.

I’m really excited about today’s swatch post and polish.

I posted before about how impressed I was with my first time trying the Kozmic Colors brand, especially for a polish found at a Dollar Store. I popped into a different Dollarama not too long ago, to see if they had anything new in the nail polish section and was very pleasantly surprised with what I found.


This polish came in a four park of glitters. It was the only milky base color of the four–the rest of them are splatter and glitter toppers. But when I saw this polish in the group of four, I knew I needed to have them. The first thing I thought of when I saw this polish was Margaritas. These polishes don’t come with nails, but if I had to name it myself I would call it Margarita Madness.



This polish is gorgeous. It is a milky green-blue base that is filled with large and small blue and green hexagon glitters. There are also tiny holographic glitters mixed into the base which unfortunately my camera flash could not capture. It took 3 coats to cover my nail, but it was well worth it. Honestly, I have nothing like this in my stash. It’s absolutely beautiful and eye catching.


I tried to take a picture without flash to catch the holographic glitters, but they didn’t show up as much as I wish they would have. Regardless, I’ve fallen in love with this color. And now all I want to do is drink a margarita in the sunshine, and admire my nails. =)

Mother’s Day Mani.

Yesterday, as I said in my previous post, was Mother’s Day. I worked all day, but afterwards we headed to my parent’s house for a Mother’s Day barbecue, so I wanted to paint my nails for the occasion.

I haven’t been doing a lot of nail art lately–a combination of being busy with work, and tired, and also wanting to re-wear old polishes I haven’t worn in a while. But I couldn’t pass up a chance to do something fun for Mother’s Day–that’s my favorite part of holidays… all the nail art possibilities.



For this manicure I used:

  • Sally Hansen X-treme Wear in Coral Reef — my base color.
  • Stripe Rite Striping Brush in White — my lettering.
  • OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls — polka dots.
  • Sally Hansen X-treme Wear in Mellow Yellow — polka dots.
  • Kozmic Colors nameless blue — polka dots.
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Top Coat!

I hope all the Mom’s out there had a wonderful day! I made sure to spoil my Mom as much as possible. ❤


(This is a super old picture–taken on my 25th birthday, but it’s okay because we both look fabulous!)

Krazy for Kozmic Colors.

There is nothing I love more than a good nail polish deal. While I wish I could afford every single polish from every single collection, my paycheck just doesn’t allow for it. That’s why I’m always looking around for awesome polishes at a deal.


My Mom actually found these Kozmic Colors polishes for me at our local Dollarama, for a mere $1.50 for the three. I’ve never bought any of their polishes before, but I’ve always noticed them when browsing there nail polish selection. I have to say, it’s kind of crazy how much Dollarama has to offer! I’ve found OPI polish strips, Revlon polishes, and NOPI polishes there in recent months, and even that As Seen on TV stamping kit for $3. I was really curious to see how the quality of these Kozmic Colors polishes would compare to others in my stash, as–according to what I’ve seen on other blogs–they are exclusive to Dollarama.

I decided to swatch the blue creme polish first, as I already have colors similar to the other two.

There are no names on any of the polishes, and each set that I saw there contains three square shaped mini polish. Of the three in this group, two of theme were metallic polishes, and the blue was a creme polish. They had many other sets to offer though–glitter, and metallics, and cremes, and jellies (oh my!).


First off, can I just say this polish has an awesome application. It’s smooth, and streak free, and reaches almost full opacity in one coat if you apply it thick enough. (For my swatches, I used two.) I’m not even sure what to call the color. In person it’s a deeper blue, but in pictures it comes across almost as a sky blue. When it dries, it’s not quite matte, but almost a satin-like finish. I should have taken a picture of it before I applied my top coat, but sadly I didn’t think. Silly me! Adding top coat gives it a gorgeous shine though, so either way this polish is a win. It will definitely be going in my Summer polish stash.


So what do you think of this Kozmic Color polish? Do you have any experience with off-brand polishes–were they nail wins, or nail fails?