31 Day Nail Art Challenge — Day 16: Tribal Print.

Aztec and Tribal prints were a big trend last summer in nail art. I seriously dig anything Tribal print. I bought the sweetest aztec print pants that I have a feeling I will be wearing A LOT this summer. So when it came to Day 16, I was super excited to come up with something tribal on my nails. There was no reason to this manicure–I really just started drawing lines and outlines and dots, and came up with this:



The polishes I used for this manicure were:

  • Sinful Colors in Be Happy
  • Essence Color & GO in Let’s get Lost
  • Color Club Art Club in Paisley Paradise.
  • Stripe Rite Striping polish in Black.
  • Stripe Rite Striping Polish in White.
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Flash top coat.

God I love tribal print. I also love the blues and purples used in this manicure. I really like how it turned out, even though I had no plan going into this. Sometimes the most random manicures turn out to be my favorite!

Also check out this adorable mug that the boyfriend gave me for Easter. My first thought? I totally have to do this as nail art!

31 Day Nail Art Challenge — Day 14: Floral.


A few weeks ago, I picked up the new OPI sheer tints minis that have been floating around on nail art blogs. I was super excited when I found them, and so there was no question I needed them. The only thing I wasn’t sure was what I should use them for! After some serious consideration I realized they would be perfect for a water-color floral print for day 14 of the challenge.




For this manicure, the polishes that I used were:

  • Revlon Nail Polish in Minted — the mint green polish on my thumb, pointed and middle finger.
  • China Glaze’s White on White — white base color on my ring and pinky finger, and dots on my mint base color on other fingers.
  • OPI Sheer Tints in Be Magentale With Me — pink-ish colored flowers.
  • OPI Sheer Tints in I Can Teal you Like Me — blue-ish colored flowers.
  • OPI Sheer Tints in Don’t Violet Me Down — Purple-ish colored flowers.
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Top Coat.

These turned out so perfect. The OPI sheer tints are a little weird to work with, because they dry quickly on the nail art brush. I also found myself having to grab more polish more often than when drawing with regular polish. However the outcome is gorgeous. I’m such a fan of floral print in general, and this manicure just screams spring to me. It makes me want to wear pretty floral dresses, and flats, and not have to worry about freezing to death. Hopefully the weather starts to agree soon. Summer is my favorite season, and I’ve been longing to break out my maxi dresses again. Every time I walk past my closet I see them hanging there… and I just want to wear them SO bad.

So what’s your favorite go-to nail art for Spring?


31 Day Nail Art Challenge — Day 13: Animal Print?

I went in a different direction for the animal print prompt of this challenge. I’ve already done leopard print, and I wasn’t feeling zebra print, so I tried to think of something I could do that would be different. I’ve been wanting to do feather nails for a while. I’m a huge bird lover, and so I thought why not try doing feather nails. Okay, it’s not technically an animal print, but it’s pretty close!


I was trying to figure out how I want to do about doing feather nails. I considered doing a real feather manicure, but in the end decided to try out some new polishes I picked up, and draw on my own feathers. These didn’t end up exactly how I pictured them in my head. I think my main problem was that the colors I chose for my feathers were too close to the base color I used.



The polishes I used for this manicure were:

  • Color Club’s Silver Lake (from the Girl About Town collection) — the base color on my nails.
  • Nicole by OPI’s My Jay or The Highway — the brown outline of the feathers, and accent dots on the feathers.
  • Art Club Nail Art Duo in Baby Blue — Light blue strokes in the feathers.
  • Revlon’s Minted — Mint colored strokes in the feathers (which kind of got hidden within the other colors.)
  • Nicole by OPI’s Oy Oy Oyster — Sheer shimmer layered over feathers (which didn’t show up in the pictures I took, but are much more visible in person.)

This is not my favorite–nor best–nail art. I’m actually pretty disappointed with how these turned out, if only because I imagined them looking a little different in my head when I started. I was especially disappointed when the boyfriend told me they looked more like branches than feathers. However, I’m still showing them off because if anything, it just means more practice will make perfect. I think a different color combination would make a world of difference. I’m definitely going to try these again now that I know what I needed to avoid–and that, to me, is the whole point of this challenge! To try new things, and work at improving my nail art skills.


What do you think of these “animal print” nails? What tips would you suggest for better feather nails next time?


ACO by Ardene nail polish in Bow Chicka Wow Wow and Tea Party

With it being Easter this upcoming weekend, I thought I would take a pause from the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge. I’m actually going to review some polishes by Ardene which I think are the perfect colors for Easter. For those who don’t know Ardene is a Canadian Clothing and Accessories store (similar to Claire’s). However in the last couple years, they’ve recently been expanding their nail polish collections, now including Sugar Effect polishes, and feather polishes.

I’ll be upfront and honest before–I work for the company. However, I’m not going to let this make me bias in my review. They have not provided me with the polishes–I went out and bought them on my own. That’s the reason why you see a lot of the ACO polishes in my manicures. I’ve accumulate quite the collection over my years with the company on my own accord. I’ve also found in the last year or so they’ve REALLY upped their nail polish game, with fantastic colors, and different effects.


The polishes I’m going to talk about today are two speckled polishes–Bow Chicka Wow Wow which is a baby pink polish (on my middle, and ring, fingers) with tiny matte black glitters, and Tea Party (on my pointed and pinky fingers) which is a baby blue polish with tiny matte black glitters. Unlike some of the speckled polishes I’ve seen online by Model’s Own and Illamasquathe glitters are all uniform size and shape.


Bow Chicka Wow Wow


Tea Party 

The first thing I noticed about both polishes is that they are very sheer. It took me three coats to reach opacity on each nail and I still feel like it’s not fully opaque. My guess is that they are so sheer so that when you apply multiple layers, you can still see the black glitters underneath. However, because the polish is so sheer each coat dries quite quickly, which is a bonus. I had no bald spots with application, which is always something I like in a polish (nothing worse them having to go back and fix spots on your nail where it didn’t smooth out properly.) The black glitters do leave a little texture on the nail, but that is easily fixed with a coat of top coat or two.


I was quite impressed with these polishes. They gave me the speckled egg look I was coveting, at a very reasonable price. (You can pick up ACO by Ardene polishes at Ardene locations, 3 polishes for $10.)

I can’t say anything about wear, as I’ve only had my polishes on for a couple of hours, but from experience Ardene polishes tend to hold up pretty well for me without chipping for 2-3 days–and I use my hands at work A LOT so chipping my manicure is always a fear. I’m also not sure how removal is going to go–Glitter is always a pain to get off. But with the foil method, I’m sure it will be no issue.

So if you’re looking for a fun, but not too expensive, polish to wear for your Easter festivities, I’d recommend hitting up your local Ardene and picking these up. I can’t wait to apply a matte top coat to these, and really upping the level of my mani!



31 Day Nail Art Challenge — Day 9: Rainbow nails.

I’ll start by saying this nail art was inspired by my three year old nephew.

I was babysitting the other night, trying to decide what I was going to do for my rainbow nail art challenge. I thought about doing just rainbows, but as you might have noticed, I don’t always going typical with my challenge prompts. My little nephew was looking at my stash the other night–he is adorable when it comes to my nails. He always asks to look at my nails, and is very vocal when he doesn’t like them haha–and asked him what colors I should do on my nails. And he listed them off–blue, yellow, pink, red, green. He might have just been listing off the colors he knew, but never the less I did what he told me!

rainbow nails

The polishes used were:

  • OPI’s My Boyfriend Scales Walls — the white base.
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mellow Yellow— the yellow.
  • ACO by Ardene in Techno Green — the green
  • ACO by Ardene in Lagoon –the blue
  • ACO by Ardene in Sunkissed –the orange.
  • ACO by Ardene in Strawberry Blush — the red
  • ACO by Ardene in Ardene’s Secret — the pink.
  • Stripe Rite striping brush in Black — the black outline.
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Flash top coat.

I love these nails because it looks like a coloring book to me.

This manicure was not as difficult as you’d think. After applying my base coat, I started with a blank canvas of My Boyfriend Scales Walls, then added top coat. After that had dried, I started with my black striping polish, creating a different pattern on each nail (you could also do the same pattern on each nail, but I like to shake things up a bit.


After my outline was created, I then went with a small nail art brush (from Icing), and colored in some of the shapes with my variety of chosen colors. I did have to go back with my black, and touch up some of the lines were the colors had bled a little bit. When that was all finished, I topped with my trusty top coat and tada! Rainbow coloring book nails!

I think my nephew would be proud.