SWATCH SUNDAY — Quo by ORLY Color Amp’d LA Dreamin’

Good morning lovelies & happy Sunday. Today I’ve got a bright & girlie pink to share with you from deep in my stash: Quo by ORLY Color Amp’d in LA Dreamin’. This shade is from the Shoppers Drug Mart based Quo by ORLY range & I picked up this particular shade in the clearance last Summer for only $1!

For those who don’t know, these Color Amp’d shades are designed to wear like gel, lasting longer than your tradition polishes. They are designed to be paired with a Gel-like top coat that, when paired with the polish, will create that gel like bond on your nail.

For my swatches, I used 3 coats of polish & finished with top coat. The polish itself is very, very thin so you need a lot of layers in order to build opacity. You could definitely use some white undies to keep layers to a minimum, but for my swatches I wanted to show the polish on its own.

Even with 3 coats, there is still some visible nail line showing (although not as well in my swatches). Even though I don’t usually like thin formula polishes like this that show off nail line, there is something about this pink shade that I don’t mind it as much. It also has this slightly neon quality to it that I really like with my skin tone for Summer because it brings out the natural olive undertones in my skin & makes me look more tan… which is ALWAYS a good thing.

Who doesn’t love pink!? What colour do you feel like is your shade for Summer? I feel like with how much I’ve been wearing it lately, pink/coral is going to be the shade for me for Summer 2019!

One Reply to “SWATCH SUNDAY — Quo by ORLY Color Amp’d LA Dreamin’”

  1. Answering your question – suppose that EVERY girls appreciates pink or its shades 🙂 What about me – I’m actually doing my nails pink in summer time, I prefer buttery & smooth, so pinkie pink, if you know what I mean 🙂 What’s more I’m aware of this Quo shade, so thank you for this review! Speaking about Orly in general, I use it from time to time, for a moment I find them via sale in this online shop so I ordered many new shades and I’m excited to try them all!!! What is your experience with Orly brand overall? Did you like it? And how long can your wear it without any chips, taking into account no protection at all ( like I’m doing absolutely nothing to protect my nails in terms of wearing rubber gloves or altering my daily activities)? Thanks in advance for your kind replies lol

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