Sally Hansen Spring 2017 

Hello Spring!

Okay, well Spring doesn’t technically doesn’t arrive until Monday but that isn’t going to stop me from sharing a few Spring polishes with you. Back in December, I entered a contest on Instagram that Sally Hansen Canada was hosting and ended up winning! Not only was I excited because I  literally never win anything, but it meant I would receive some of the Spring 2017 colours from the line of Miracle Gel polishes. I received my prize last week, and although it took me a week to get them swatched, I finally have them to share!

All polishes have been swatches using a base coat, coats of colour, and the Miracle Gel top coat (which I also received as part of my prize pack.)

Pretty Peony:

Pretty Peony is a super pale pink that took three coats for full coverage and to avoid any streakiness. The first thing this reminds me of is Buffy–or more importantly her nails. For those who have been around a long time, you know know I still love a good pale polish for this reason. Seriously, had I found this colour at 15 I would have been set! This really is a perfect Spring colour though, both worn on it’s own or as a base for nail art. It’s probably my favourite colour from all the polishes I received.


Montley Hue:

Montley Hue is a vibrant fuchsia that took two thick coats for full opacity. It’s a great, bright colour that works well for Spring/Summer (I’m already wearing it on my toes, and can see it being a popular pedicure colour for me!) Application was easy enough, and there was no problems with removal, although I did only keep it on my fingers for the purpose of pictures. I do have to give props to the  Miracle Gel top coat–look at that shine! I have the original version of their top coat from back when it first came out, and it definitely is not as glossy and shiney as this version. I am very impressed.


Bourbon Belle:

Bourbon Belle is a creamy peach that also only took two coats for full opacity. This is definitely my second favourite colour from the collection, mostly because it is such a refreshing colour! The colour is so bright, and application was not fussy at all which is always a plus. This is the kind of shade that screams Spring to me, and makes me long for warmer days.



Terra-Coppa is a gorgeous golden bronze with flecks of pink that took three coats for opacity. I do love a good gold colour, and this one is very pretty–although Spring is not the first thing I think of when I see this polish. But it would make a great accent colour for nail art, and would pair awesomely with any of the above shades in a half moon or polka dots.


 All in all, I’m really impressed with all the shades I received in my prize pack and love this little slice of Spring. 🌸 It was also great to be able to try out the new and improved Miracle Gel top coat which had some serious staying power. I wore Prettt Poesy for 5 days with minimal chipping issues, and the only reason I removed it was due to growth at the cuticles. 

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