Hello lovelies & happy Sunday!

It’s been a while. I feel like this past week I have not been feeling like myself, so I didn’t feel much like posting. But I’m back, I’m feeling slightly refreshed, & I’m actually really really excited for this week’s Swatch Sunday. If you’ve been around a while, you’ve probably heard me mention my love for white nail polish. It’s what started my love affair with nail polish in the first place. So I’m really excited to share what I think might be the most perfect white nail polish I’ve worn in a while: Essie Blanc.

2 coats + Essie Speed Setter Top Coat

I kind of feel silly, because Essie Blanc has been around forever, & somehow I have not added it to my stash. But as you know, I recently participated in an Essie virtual event, & one of the perks was that those attending were gifted a few Essie shades, including Blanc. & I was quite excited, because I’ve been thinking about buying this shade for a while, but hadn’t (for whatever reason—truthfully I’m not even sure why!)

Formula on this shade is great—it’s smooth, creamy, & not chalky at all. Coverage is pretty good in one coat, but obviously it needs that second coat for ideal levelling. The colour is a nice, bright white without verging on white-out. The brush for my bottle was also the new, wide Essie brush which I really like, but is especially good for application on this shade. Covers the whole nail in almost one swipe. Very, very nice.

Is there anything more satisfying than a bright, clean white manicure?

It’s actually been a while since I rocked basic white nails, & I’ve missed them. First off, they’re great against even the hint of a tan, which is perfect for this early Summer season. Second, they’re very Buffy season one. All I need are a few butterfly clips, & a patterned skirt & tank top combo, & I’m instantly transformed back to Sunnydale High circa 1997. & I’m very, very okay with that.

I’ve actually been rewatching Buffy from the beginning again (it’s my guilty pleasure TV show, what can I say?) & it’s making me want to do a deep dive into the many manicures of Buffy Summers. It would be a big endeavour, but maybe I could break it up into a few posts. We will see if I can make it happen!

What do you think about Essie Blanc? Do you have this clean white polish in your collection? Is there a classic nail polish that you keep meaning to buy, but haven’t got around to getting yet? I have a few, but this was definitely a big one! I’d love to know if anyone else is the same way.

Let me know in the comments below!

SWATCH SUNDAY — China Glaze Friends Forever, Right?

Hello lovelies & happy Swatch Sunday.

Today I am feeling something refreshing, & that can only mean one thing: white nails. Anyone who has been around a while knows my obsession with white nail polish, so I own quite a few of them. Today I’m all about this beautiful creamy off white from China Glaze — Friends Forever, Right? was originally released Fall 2014.

2 coats + top coat.

Whenever I’m feeling uninspired for nail art, my favourite polish to wear for a refresh is white. Anything white. What is lovely about Friends Forever, Right? is that it’s not quite white — it’s got a pinky undertone that keeps it from mimicking white out on your nails.

I was quite pleased with how easy this polish was to apply, even after all these years. I usually use it as the base for nail art, but I really do enjoy it all on it’s own. & obviously, it reminds me of my teenage love affair with Buffy & her fabulous nails, & who doesn’t love a little bit of nostalgia.

& in case you’re wondering, Sparkle Canada has a bottle of Friends Forever, Right? so if you don’t have this shade in your collection, & you’re realizing you need it, I would definitely pick it up! It makes such a good nail art base, or all on it’s own.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday (I know this post is going up later than normal.) I also hope everyone is feeling happy & healthy & staying safe in all this craziness. I plan on enjoying another coffee, maybe a social distanced maple latter now that our favourite small cafe is open for take out!

SWATCH SUNDAY — Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Let’s Snow

Good Morning Lovelies! It’s Sunday, so you know what that means… it’s Swatch Sunday! & today I’m sharing one of my favourite white polishes at the moment: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Let’s Snow.

I picked up this polish at my local Lawton’s (another clearance find) for the amazing price of only 99 cents! I thought maybe that meant it was a discontinued polish because of the amazing price, but you can still find it on Amazon & Sally Hansen so I’m not 100% sure. I think maybe I just got really lucky, which I’m happy about because I’m definitely going to need back up bottles of this shade in my stash.

For today’s swatches, I used 2 coats + top coat. (Right now my top coat of choice is Essie Speed Setter.)

I find white polish can be tricky, because it can come off looking streaky or chalky. Let’s Snow definitely needs two coats for opacity & adding top coat just levels it perfectly. Before top coat, I found if slightly streaky. A third coat of could have fixed that out, but I figured top coat would be an easier option & it was.

Also the brushes on the Complete Salon Manicure bottles are love. Seriously. I need every bottle of nail polish to apply so easily & perfectly.

Let’s Snow is definitely a true white, with no other undertones. I would call it a paper white, which is probably why it’s my current favourite go-to white for nail art–it’s the perfect black canvas. But I also like the fact it’s a very wearable white! You can use it for creating beautiful nail art, or you can just wear it on its own. From my own personable experience, that is a fine line to achieve. So when I find a white that does both, I automatically fall in love with it. Hence my current obsession with this shade!

If you’re looking for a great white in your life, I definitely recommend searching out this Sally Hansen shade & adding it to your stash. The formula is easy to apply, the brush is perfection, & this is a white that isn’t going to be chalky or streaky once applied. I definitely do recommend adding top coat though, just because it leads to a more perfect finish.

So what’s your favourite white nail polish? Do you prefer white polish on its own or as a base for nail art? Let me know what your favourite is down in the comments below!