Easy Holo Ocean Themed Nails

Hello lovelies & happy Monday! It’s the beginning of a brand new week, & I’m sharing a super easy look with you.

This was a super quick & easy look I did the end of last week, inspired by a request by my little girl. I had these cute ocean themed nail art stickers I picked up from Icing circa 2014-2015, though I thought they would be super cute paired with an ocean-y blue nail polish for some easy nail art.

The polishes I used for this manicure are: 

  • Base Coat: Londontown KUR Nail Hardener & Base Coat 
  • Top Coat: Seche Vive Fast Dry Top
  • Superchic Lacquer Throwing Shade
  • Icing Nail Art Stickers — can find similar styles on Etsy.

I’ve raved before about my love for nail art stickers for easy nail art, especially when time is an issue. You can use a whole bunch on the nail, or one on each nail for a simple look. I have quite the collection myself, so they’re fun to grab when I’m lacking time (or inspiration).

& there are some great brands out there to choose from.

What do you think about these simple holographic ocean nails? Are you a fan of simple nail art like this? Have you ever tried any nail art sticker brands that you absolutely love? Let me know your favourites down in the comments below!

Have a fantastic Monday!

Easy Pop Art Nail Art with Stickers

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far. Today I’m feeling Summer vibes, so I wanted to share a fun pop art inspired nail art I recently did that were super easy to do — especially since they basically involve no actual talent what-so-ever! & isn’t that the best kind of nail art?

The polishes I used for this manicure are: 

  • Base Coat: Essie Hard To Resist Glow & Shine 
  • Top Coat: Seche Vive Fast Dry Top
  • Holographic Top Coat: Starrily Eclipse
  • Essie In The Cabana
  • Olive & June Nail Art Stickers (discontinued sheet)

I recently picked up (well… last Summer) a new bottle of Essie In the Cab-ana which is one of my favourite Summer shades. But adding Starrily Eclipse over top brought it to a whole other level! & I’m definitely obsessed.

I also thought these Olive & June nail art stickers were so cute over top. The black & white stickers feel very pop art to me. This sticker line is long discontinued (I think it’s about 5 years ago I was gifted them) but they do have lots of other cute nail art stickers on their site. You can also find cute nail art stickers through my go to, NailStuff.ca, Deco Miami — although I’ve never tried them — & Amazon, obviously!

What do you think about these fun nail art looks? Do you like easy nail art looks like this?

Let me know all your thoughts down in the comments below.


Hello lovelies & happy Monday! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

I wish I could say I did, but I’ve been fighting through a horrible sickness for the last week or so, & Saturday I worked 10 hours with laryngitis which was… not fun. I also haven’t had any time or energy for my nails, which is why it’s been so quiet on here. But I do have my next prompt for Glam Nails Challenge October, because I am dedicated to seeing it to the end.

Today’s prompt is Spiders. I decided to go with a quick & easy spider web design using these Dollarama nail art stickers.

The polishes I used for this manicure are: 

  • Base Coat: Essie Hard To Resist Glow & Shine 
  • Top Coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-chip Top Coat
  • Essie Kimono-over
  • Paris Hilton Nail Polish unnamed glitter
  • Starrily Space Debris
  • Dollarama Halloween nail art stickers

These stickers are so cute, & I really like them over this sparkly purple base. I really love these glitters layered over the darkness of Essie Kimono-over — it build into such a beautiful base for me. The stickers — well while I’ve had some really good luck with other Dollarama nail art stickers, these ones might have been too big, or too stiff, but they did not want to stay on my nails at all. But at least I got enough wear out of them for this design!

Also I know it said Spiders as the prompt — but I hate spiders. Spider webs are much, much more fun for me to wear. & don’t give me the creeps.

What do you think about this nail art look for Glam Nails Challenge October? Have you been following along with the other looks on Instagram? Don’t forget, you can check out the hashtag #glamnailschallengeOct to see all the other fun designs! Only 2 more prompts to go until Halloween!

Have a lovely Monday.


Hello lovelies & happy Monday! We’re officially half way through October, & that much closer to Halloween. We’re also half way through Glam Nails Challenge October, which is crazy — this month is seriously speeding by.

The next prompt for Glam Nails Challenge October is Bats! & while I’d like to believe that I could freehand bats onto my nails, I know better than that, so I decided to dig into my vast collection of nail art stickers for some of my Halloween goodies, & found some bat stickers for a fun, simple, stylish nail art look.

The polishes I used for this manicure are: 

  • Base Coat: Essie Hard To Resist Glow & Shine 
  • Top Coat: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Fast Dry Top Coat
  • China Glaze Screen Vixen
  • Assorted Halloween nail art stickers

How cute are these. The Bat sticker on my ringer finger is from a set from Dollarama, & the other little bat stickers were in a Halloween nail polish set I got for my daughter last year. They paired so well together, & this was exactly the look I wanted to achieve. Sometimes I like to test my nail art free handing skills, & sometimes — like with this manicure — I just want something quick, simple, & gets to the point quickly.

& I feel like this is a nail art look anyone could wear!

What do you think of these easy bat themed nails? Are you still following around with #glamnailschallengeOct on instagram? Only a few more prompts to go for this month! How crazy is that.

Gradient Cactus Nails

Good afternoon & happy May everyone! Who else excited for warmer days. I feel like I’m saying this every post, but I’m just. so. ready. This winter has felt just so darn long & I’m craving neons & brights.

I was also craving a gradient as it felt like absolute ages since I had created one, so I decided to go with a blue toned look. & to finish off the look I added these absolutely adorable cactus stickers that Victoria from NailStuff.ca sent to me because she knows my love for cacti! 🌵 Have you checked out her collection of nail stickers & nail decals? I’m obsessed. So many fun designs for easy nail art this Summer.

For this manicure, the polishes I used were:

  • Base Coat: OPI Nail Envy
  • Top Coat: Seche Vive
  • Essie Fashion Playground
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Sugar Fix {PR sample}
  • China Glaze I’ve Got A Blue Attitude
  • Sally Hansen MG Make It N-Ice {PR sample}
  • Edge Perfection Cuticle Barrier {PR sample}
  • Cacti Nail Stickers {gift from Nailstuff.ca}

My gradient skills were a little rusty, but I love this look so much. The colours used almost give the gradient a thermal polish feel & obviously I couldn’t do a gradient without adding a little glitter. & finishing off the look with the stickers just made them a little more fun!

What do you think of this look? Share your thoughts down in the comments below!