I’m feeling tropical… print nails.

I’ve been feeling floral a lot lately, so I wanted to try something different. At work, we’ve been getting in so much tropical floral print so I was inspired to try mimicking something tropical on my nails.


3 1

The (many) polishes I used for this manicure were:

  • Sinful Colors Cinderella — blue base color. (I also layered it over a coat of Sinful Colors Be Happy because damn… it’s sheer.)
  • Sinful Colors Dream On — flower color.
  • Sinful Colors Coral Reef — flower color & polka dots.
  • ACO by Ardene Ardene’s Secret — flower color.
  • ACO by Ardene Kissed by a Rose — flower color & polka dots.
  • Sinful Colors Strapped — leaves.
  • Pure Ice Wild Thing — leaves.
  • ACO by Ardene Green Peace — leaves.
  • China Glaze Metro Pollen-tin — dots.
  • Stripe Rite Striping Polish in black — flower stem.
  • Nutra Nail Speed Dry top coat with green tea.


So what do you think of these tropical floral nails? I think the flower on my ring finger turned out best.

Also is anyone else as excited about iced coffee season as I am?

My first sucessful chevron moons!

I have a really, really exciting manicure to share with you all today.

finished product

As I’ve mentioned before, I love a good chevron, but I’ve never been very good with creating chevrons with tape as something always seems to go wrong. However I found a foolproof way to create chevron moons, and I’m a very happy girl. I also documented the process so I could share with you my easy tutorial on how to create these chevrons if you–like myself–have trouble getting tape manicures to work the way you want. =)

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Color block — take two.

As you’ve kind of noticed, I’ve been killing color block manicures lately. Sometimes I have a hard time deciding on just one bright color, so I have to used them all. (Haha, maybe not all. I own 300 polishes so that would be quite a time consuming manicure.)

Today’s bright and colorful manicure is a combination of some fun Summer colors. It took me a little while to get done, but I love the finished product. I painted everything completely free hand, so my lines are not perfectly straight–but I find that adds to the charm.


The polishes I used for this manicure were:

  • Sinful Colors in Be Happy.
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Coral Reef.
  • Art Club Striping Polish in Paisley Paradise.
  • Essence Color & Go  in Let’s Get Lost!
  • Art Club Nail Art Duo in Baby Blue.
  • Stripe Rite Striping Polish in white.
  • Stripe Rite Striping Polish in orange.
  • Stripe Rite Striping Polish in black.
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Flash top coat.

geometric3  geometric2

I really, really love the look of these. They’re just really fun! And the best part about a manicure with this many colors is that I can pretty much match it to any outfit. =) We’ve still got some serious grey skies happening right now, so at least my nails are spring-like.

Bright and Colorful nails!

I have a fun manicure to share with you today.

With the Summer quickly approaching, I’ve been feeling the bright colorful polishes lately, and I really wanted to do a color blocking manicure. I came up with this random pattern while I was painting my nails–I started with the triangles, and then went from there. I’m not sure what to actually call this pattern, but they’re bright and colorful which was what I wanted.




For this manicure the polishes I used were:

  • Essence I’ve Got a Crush on Blue! (from their love letters collection) — blue grey base color.
  • Revlon Siren — orange triangles.
  • ACO by Ardene Lollipop Queen — Pink stripes.
  • ACO by Ardene Lagoon — blue polka dots.
  • Stripe Rite Striping Polish in back
  • Stripe Rite Striping Polish in white

Even though I had no plan going in with this manicure, I love how they turned out. Sometimes it’s nice to just start something, without knowing what you’re doing, and have them turn into something neat. Also I managed to create those triangles with just my regular polish brush (before I added the black stripe outline). Sure, they’re not exactly perfect but they ARE triangles, so I couldn’t be happier! =)

Crayon Nails.

Just a quick manicure post today.

I did these nails last night, as I was trying to come up with something pretty to put on my nails. My original inspiration came from pinterest,  although I used a different color scheme and used striping polish instead of tape. I was going off what I had remembered seeing, so it didn’t turn out exactly how I was hoping. In all honesty, these nails really remind me of crayons haha.


The polishes I used for this manicure were:

  • Sinful Colors in Be Happy — base color.
  • Stripe Rite striping polish in black.
  • Art Club striping polish in Paisley Paradise.
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Flash top coat.