Pure Ice — Wild Thing.

Even though I seem to own a lot of different green polishes, I never seem to wear them as a full manicure–with the exception of the obvious holidays like Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day. Lately, though, I’ve been trying to wear other colors than my usual fall pinks, purples, and coral. So what better time that to chose a color completely out of my comfort zone!


I picked up Wild Thing by Pure Ice at my local Wal-mart for $1.97. I don’t own very many Pure Ice polishes, even though I always find myself staring at the display. However, this color couldn’t help but catch my eye the last time I was visiting. I’m not even sure what to call this color. It’s bright green, which leans yellow. I’ve seen other bloggers describe it as a “Shrek” green, which seems pretty spot on.


Application was pretty good on this one–I only needed 2 coats for full opacity. Dry time was also pretty good–I find that’s the trick with polishes that have a tricky formula. Before I applied it, I went online and checked out swatches on other blogs to see what the polish was like (I pretty much do this with every polish after I buy it) so I knew people had some problems with patchiness, so I applied thin coats and let it dry a bit between applications. I also applied my Nutra Nail Speed Dry top coat, which gave it a great glossy shine.



I like this color. It’s very different for me, but sometimes it’s nice to change things up a bit. I don’t think I’ve worn a straight green manicure outside of Christmas or St. Patrick’s Day since I was probably 15. But it does remind me of green, green grass which makes me think of Summer, so it’s a win in my books. Although I probably won’t wear it everyday (just can’t do it), I think it would make an perfect pedicure color.

Pure Ice — Get in Line.

I’m really trying hard to wear more colors from my stash, and today I have an untried for you that I have had sitting in my stash for the last year, but I haven’t played with (or, even tried on to see how it looked.) I guess that’s what happens when you have almost 300 polishes. I don’t know what girls that have 1000+ polishes!


This is Pure Ice in Get in Line. I picked it up last Spring when I first noticed the collection in my local Wal-mart, however I believe it must be part of the permanent collection because I’ve still noticed it as part of the display. I was drawn to the frosty turquoise leaning blue color, and slightly metallic quality of it. In person it’s much more turquoise, but my camera brings out the blue-ness of them–as you can see.


The application was pretty good. The polish goes on fairly smoothly, but it’s also pretty thin. It took three coats for opacity, and there are some noticeable brush strokes. Now that I’ve worn this polish, I like it but not as much as I thought I would. The one thing the color does remind me of is the movie Frozen–the frosty blue color just seems very fitting.



Sadly the sun has decided to hide now–we have rain in the forcast for the next week, which means that my polish is forced to be shine-less for the next little while. Sad times.

31 Day Nail Art Challenge — Day 19: Galaxy Nails.


I love the look of galaxy nails. Plus they’re fun to do. It’s been a while since I’ve done one, so I was excited to give it another try.

galaxy galaxy2


The polishes I used for this manicure were:

  • Mary Kay Nail Lacquer in Blue Knight — dark background.
  • Color Institute in gold (no official name on it.)
  • Color Institute sparkles (no official name on it.)
  • Revlon in I’m Electro.
  • Revlon in Spidey Sense.
  • Revlon in Orchid.
  • Pure Ice in Get in Line.
  • Pure Ice in Over You.
  • Salley Hansen Diamond Flash Top Coat

These didn’t turn out exactly like I imagined in my head, but I think it’s because the polishes I used were very pigmented, and I was a little too heavy-handed. I wanted to use metallic polishes, because I’ve never tried using them for galaxy nail art before. Never the less, I loved the sparkle that it give my galaxies! And even though I wasn’t sure if they looked a lot like the galaxies I wanted them to, but I did get lots of compliments which always makes me feel proud of the manicures I’ve done.

What do you think of galaxy nail art?

And what to you think of my attempt at metallic galaxies?