Freehand Tribal Accent Nails.Β 

I’ve been slacking on the blog front thanks to work stress and an impending move. No time to sit down and concentrate on blogging. Hopefully I’ll have more time soon, but in the mean time I thought I’d share some tribal. 

I love tribal/Aztec print… I might even almost love it more than floral. It’s been a while since I shared a tribal print mani, so I knew I needed to do some! I adore how these turned out. 

The polishes I used for this mani were:

  • OPI Gelato on my Mind
  • OPI I Cannoli Wear OPI
  • Essie In the Cab-Ana
  • China Glaze Plur-ple
  • Essence Back in Black 
  • Essie Gel Setter 
  • Circle stickers from Dollarama
  • Born Pretty Store small detail nail art brush. 


Finally weather in Halifax is getting warm and Spring like! I can finally break out the Spring dresses… Even if I still need some tights for the mornings. Makes me excited for warm summer days and pretty bright nail polishes! 

New polishes, and a perfect combo.



This moon manicure was honestly just an excuse to wear multiple new polishes at once haha. On Payday I went out, and scored some new pretty beauties, and couldn’t wait to wear them!

The polishes used for this manicure were:

  • Essie The Girls are Out — found at the Dollarama of all places. For $3 how could I ever say no? (I also picked up Sunday Funday as well.)
  • Essence Color and Go Best Dressed — went to a Shoppers that wasn’t my usual shoppers and found the biggest collection of Essence polishes I’ve never seen before. As much as I wanted to buy them all, I went with this gorgeous purple with pink glass flecks. Sooooo pretty. I will have to do a full swatch post on this color because it’s so pretty.
  • Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat.


I realize this is not the first time I’ve rocked the pink and purple moon manicure, but The Girls are Out and Best Dressed just go so well together. I couldn’t stop staring at my nails all day, which is a little distracting when you’re supposed to be working. =)




Pastel Stripes, and a few “diamonds” for good measure.

Finally!Β  Something that isn’t just polka dots. πŸ˜‰

I bought some new stripers last week at–of all places–the Dollarama! They’re by the brand Mariposa, whose polish I’ve featured in manicures before. I really love stripers as I’m not as good at using striping tape for manicures. Since I hadn’t had a chance to test out my new stripers yet, I decided to pull them out yesterday to see what they could do. And the end result? I’m very happy with it. The brush is thin, which is important so you don’t end up with gloopy, ugly freehand lines. Also the polish is fairly opaque which means they could be used over darker colors as well.

Β stripes4

The polishes I used for this manicure were:

  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Birthday Suit.
  • Mariposa Striping Polish in Mint.
  • Mariposa Striping Polish in Pink.
  • OPI I Snow You Love Me.
  • Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat.


Β stripes3


So what do you think of this stripey manicure? Also, I’m seriously digging I snow you love me and all the glitter placement possibilities. From a distance, it looks like you have rhinestones on your nails, as they catch the light really well. It’s only when you look up close you see that they’re flat and glitters. Love, love, love.

Kozmic Colors and Margarita Madness.

I’m really excited about today’s swatch post and polish.

I posted before about how impressed I was with my first time trying the Kozmic Colors brand, especially for a polish found at a Dollar Store. I popped into a different Dollarama not too long ago, to see if they had anything new in the nail polish section and was very pleasantly surprised with what I found.


This polish came in a four park of glitters. It was the only milky base color of the four–the rest of them are splatter and glitter toppers. But when I saw this polish in the group of four, I knew I needed to have them. The first thing I thought of when I saw this polish was Margaritas. These polishes don’t come with nails, but if I had to name it myself I would call it Margarita Madness.



This polish is gorgeous. It is a milky green-blue base that is filled with large and small blue and green hexagon glitters. There are also tiny holographic glitters mixed into the base which unfortunately my camera flash could not capture. It took 3 coats to cover my nail, but it was well worth it. Honestly, I have nothing like this in my stash. It’s absolutely beautiful and eye catching.


I tried to take a picture without flash to catch the holographic glitters, but they didn’t show up as much as I wish they would have. Regardless, I’ve fallen in love with this color. And now all I want to do is drink a margarita in the sunshine, and admire my nails. =)

Krazy for Kozmic Colors.

There is nothing I love more than a good nail polish deal. While I wish I could afford every single polish from every single collection, my paycheck just doesn’t allow for it. That’s why I’m always looking around for awesome polishes at a deal.


My Mom actually found these Kozmic Colors polishes for me at our local Dollarama, for a mere $1.50 for the three. I’ve never bought any of their polishes before, but I’ve always noticed them when browsing there nail polish selection. I have to say, it’s kind of crazy how much Dollarama has to offer! I’ve found OPI polish strips, Revlon polishes, and NOPI polishes there in recent months, and even that As Seen on TV stamping kit for $3. I was really curious to see how the quality of these Kozmic Colors polishes would compare to others in my stash, as–according to what I’ve seen on other blogs–they are exclusive to Dollarama.

I decided to swatch the blue creme polish first, as I already have colors similar to the other two.

There are no names on any of the polishes, and each set that I saw there contains three square shaped mini polish. Of the three in this group, two of theme were metallic polishes, and the blue was a creme polish. They had many other sets to offer though–glitter, and metallics, and cremes, and jellies (oh my!).


First off, can I just say this polish has an awesome application. It’s smooth, and streak free, and reaches almost full opacity in one coat if you apply it thick enough. (For my swatches, I used two.) I’m not even sure what to call the color. In person it’s a deeper blue, but in pictures it comes across almost as a sky blue. When it dries, it’s not quite matte, but almost a satin-like finish. I should have taken a picture of it before I applied my top coat, but sadly I didn’t think. Silly me! Adding top coat gives it a gorgeous shine though, so either way this polish is a win. It will definitely be going in my Summer polish stash.


So what do you think of this Kozmic Color polish? Do you have any experience with off-brand polishes–were they nail wins, or nail fails?