31 Day Nail Art Challenge — Day 1: Red Nails.

I’ve been thinking about doing the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge for a while now, and towards the end of last month I decided there was no time like the present to do so. If anything, I figured it would help break my nail art block–those nights when I couldn’t figure out anything to do with my nails! And I was right!

The first prompt for the challenge was red nails. I didn’t want to do just basic red nails (even though there was a period in time with I was 17-18 that I wore nothing but red nails), so I went a little fancy with a leopard print. When I was first starting my nail art adventure, right after I bought my first dotting tool–leopard print was always my go-to design. It was nice to go revisit a classic.


The polishes I used were:

  • Nicole by OPI Scarlett (from the Selena Gomez collection) — my base.
  • Nicole by OPI Basking in Gloria (from the Modern Family collection) — the inner part of my leopard print.
  • Stripe Rite striping brush in black — the outer part of my leopard print.

I finished everything with my trusty Sally Hansen Diamond Flash top coat, and Icing’s It’s a Matte World matte top coat.

Just the beginning…

I’ve been thinking about starting a nail blog for a while now.

I’ve been obsessed with nail polish since the early days of watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and lusting after her  gorgeous pastel nails. That lust has grown into full on obsession and after long consideration (and a little coaxing from friends) I’ve decided to create a nail art blog to show my love and obsession with the world. I love nail polish, and I find nail art extremely zen. It’s like doing yoga for me, only prettier and more colorful.

There are a ton of nail art blogs out there, and the most fantastic artists that I admire greatly. This is just my little slice of nail art love, where I can show off swatches of my favorite polishes, and share my growing nail art skills. Currently I’m working my way through the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, and having a blast trying new manicures I haven’t before.

Okay, enough with the jabber. So how about some nail polish?