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Hello lovelies & happy Sunday!

It’s been super quiet on the blog front this week — there was a lot going on behind the scenes, so nail polish had to take a bit of a step back. But I’m super excited because not only am I starting with a very exciting Swatch Sunday post, but I’m starting with a very exciting, absolutely jammed pack Swatch Sunday post featuring the brand new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel x Friends collection!

To say I’m excited would be an understatement. As soon as I saw the collection being released — and heard the names — I was so hoping I would get a chance to get my hands on some of this collection. & Thanks to the absolute dolls at Sally Hansen, they gifted me with the most amazing PR package featuring all these beautiful shades. CLICK HERE to see a InstaReel featuring the whole fun package they sent me!

& now… let’s get onto some swatches!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel x Friends —Central Pink

3 coats + Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

Central Pink is a beautiful sheer milky pink. Very neutral. I used 3 coats for my swatches, but if I wanted more opacity, I would definitely need another. Also, application can be slightly tricky, so you want to make sure you have even strokes. I love a shade like this for an almost negative space design.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel x Friends — A Moo Point

2 coats + Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

Next up is a creamy white called A Moo Point. Honestly, I adore this collection simply for all these fun little references in the names. Also, I love a good white polish, & this one is a pretty standard white. Easy application, 2 coats. This white is quite stark, which I like, I will definitely enjoy wearing.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel x Friends — Oh. My. Coffee.

2 coats + Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

Next up is Oh. My. Coffee., a lovely dark tan neutral cream. It kind of looks like my coffee after adding the amount of almond milk I like. Application was really nice & smooth. The shade itself is a good go to neutral — not too crazy or fancy. Always a good shade to pick when you want your nails painted but don’t want (or can’t have) anything too flashy.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel x Friends — Lavendoor

2 coats + Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

Okay, I really love this shade.

Next up, we have Lavendoor which is a beautiful vibrant lavender purple. This is the colour I’ve always dreamed of dying my hair, but my natural colour is way too dark to bleach it light enough — so I’ll have to settle on wearing it obsessively on my nails. Formula is a little thin, so be careful with application, but on my little shorties I managed to get two good coats for coverage.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel x Friends — Yellow Taxi

2 coats + Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

Next up, I have a beautiful shimmery yellow shade called yellow taxi. & it is absolutely stunning. Formula was, again, a little thin but I feel like on my new short nails I had an easier time building opacity & getting it to look good. The yellow is a nice softer shade with the underlying aqua shimmer that pops under the right light. It’s so pretty!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel x Friends — The One With the Teal

2 coats + Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

Next up, we have The One With The Teal which is another fun shimmery shade. I used two coats for my application, but looking at my pictures now, I definitely feel like I needed one more coat on a few nails. — like my ring finger. But the shade is really pretty, & I like that it also has a bit of pretty shimmer to it as well. This shade feels very summery, & I think it would look incredible again a really nice Summer tan.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel x Friends —He’s Her Lobster

2 coats + Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

Next up, we have He’s Her Lobster, which is a pretty crelly red. It has a bit of a pink undertone which always makes for a pretty red. Application on this one was absolutely perfect, from the polish consistency to how it dried on my nail. I really do adore it. Plus the name calls back to such an iconic moment on the show, so bonus points for that!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel x Friends — How You Bluein’?

2 coats +Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

Next up, we have probably my favourite shade in the collection: How You Bluein’? This is two coats of this stunning shimmery cobalt blue, & I love it. The shimmer is really prominent, & the colour pops well against your skin.

The one thing I will say is this polish had a very… um, skunky smell. But I feel like that is something to do with the pigment, because I find that similar shades like Essie Butler Please & the original Sally Hansen Pacific Blue have that same skunky smell. So if you’re scent sensitive & don’t like that smell, this one might not be for you. But literally that is the only complaint I have. Also I can’t wait to wear this shade with some holographic top coat over top because I think it will make it look incredible.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel x Friends —Pivot!

2 coats + Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

Okay, where can I get a job naming nail polishes, because it sounds like so much fun. Also props to whoever came up with the names for this collection because it reminded me of some favourite moments from the show! Pivot! is one of two glitters in the collection — a lovely orange base with tiny gold mirco glitters & larger iridescent glitters. I originally wore this over He’s Her Lobster but I’m surprised on how pretty it looks on its own! Obviously it’s still sheer, but it looks quite pretty over a bare nail. It would definitely take a lot of coats for full coverage though.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel x Friends —Stick To The Routine

2 coats + Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

Last, but not least, we have Stick to the Routine, which is a funky golden shimmer with larger blue & white glitters, & smaller bronze glitters. There is a lot going on in this polish, but I think it’s fun. The base, again, is very sheer so I feel like this is another shade that would look better over a base shade. I really like the pop of colour with the blue glitters, & they are a fun edition to this polish. It’s definitely unlike any other glitter polish I have in my stash.

Very fun!

Over all, I really like this Sally Hansen Miracle Gel x Friends collection. As someone who grew up in the late 90s/early 2000s & watched Friends — & continues to binge watch the show all these years later — I am really happy to have this in the collection! I do feel like we might have missed a few shade ideas: A matte black named Leather Pants, perhaps? & I mean… no shade called We Were On A Break?

Either way, though, this collection is fun! & that’s what I love about nail polish is the fun. & it also makes me want more fun collections like this from my teenage years! Anyone want to do a Buffy the Vampire Slayer collection? I’m here with ideas.

You can currently find these Sally Hansen shades wherever you buy Sally Hansen. I have seen the collection at both my local Walmart, as well as Shoppers Drug Mart. It is also available via Sally Hansen on So if you’re looking for these shades, or the who collection, definitely check it out!

Products featured in this post were provided in exchanged for content.  All thoughts are honest & my own.

3 Replies to “SWATCH SUNDAY — Sally Hansen x Friends Miracle Gel Collection”

  1. I absolutely love. I’m a big Sally Hansen fan/user. These colors are great i can’t wait to have one

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